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Friday, December 20, 2013

I hepped 'em





* Quinn again delivering cards to wounded soldiers,

* Ghazni.

* U.S. Wetlands Are Disappearing Faster Than Ever, and We Just Watch:

There's no mystery here, no hidden agendas, no $50 haircut talking heads trying to tell us it's all a Commie plot. It is just wetlands, doing what they've done for millennia.
So we must ask ourselves why, if we know that wetlands perform all these functions, can we allow them to disappear, year after year, thousands of acres of our most economically critical lands dredged, filled, cut with canals, ruined, swept away by ill-conceived projects, our money and our hunting and fishing and wildlife evaporated?

Like I always say, you can fight it all you want, but the river's gonna do what the river wants to do. Maybe not today. Maybe not this century. But some day. The river always wins.

* Pressed duck.

* Mini Muffin Frittatas.

* Who Played the Beatles First?

* Friday Beer Blogging: Hyde Park Beer.

* In Gay Paree.....

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