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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Iced over


This was the middle of the afternoon. I would love to go out for a chai right now, but I think it's best not to risk breaking a leg, or neck.

* Fascinating: Where Are the People? | Evangelical Christianity in America is losing its power—what happened to Orange County’s Crystal Cathedral shows why. (Via.)

* Despite what the partisans say, the people want opposing parties to work together (at least I do): For Illinois senators, an odd public friendship.

* Photos: Remembering the Hotel Abe. (Article.)

* My own article on Springfield hotels named after Lincoln.

* Fun: Watch UPS Tetris In 24-Hour Holiday Delivery Time-Lapse. (Or, as my dad would have said, shuffling semi-truck trailers.)

* About a place called The Stick: 49ers Bid Farewell To Candlestick Park, by Dan Brekke.

* I can offer you the opportunity to be in command... (via Allie).

* Feliz Navidad.

Posted by Marie at December 21, 2013 7:59 PM