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Saturday, December 28, 2013

I can't sail my yacht


About 10:00 this morning.


Shortly thereafter.


Much later.


This boat is still at the state surplus.



This was the temperature this afternoon, and a memory to cherish when it's 1 degree tomorrow night.

* It's headed this way.

* 70.

* Further Fab Four Firsts.

* A memory was triggered when I read The Aperitif Hour. It was a Sunday evening during that time of the fall when the afternoons are hot and the nights are cold. To warm up, we strolled into a place called Rick's Cafe Americain in the Holiday Inn somewhere in the vicinity of Chicago Avenue and Lake Shore Drive (the local). Looking at the maps, it appears both places are no more.

Rick's was far off the beaten path of my neighborhood. I remember having to stoop down to get in the door and thinking how odd that such a place would pass fire inspections (or maybe that part was a dream). The joint was empty, except for one lone female sitting at the end of the bar. (Should I call her a dame?) She was about 35 or 40, nicely dressed, tall, thin, and had well made-up porcelain skin. Her hair was dark, and smooth, and cut just below her ears.

The bartender was taking her order while we were settling in. And I heard her say, "I'll have another Kir." (Did she call him Sam? I can't remember, and I'm getting confused, and I don't recall a piano.) Anyway, I had never heard of a Kir and I didn't know what one was or how it was made, but I knew right then that it was my drink. And it was. For that night.

End of memory. Or, memories.

* Ghazni.

* He's taken everything I've got. All I've got's this sunny afternoon....

Posted by Marie at December 28, 2013 8:54 PM