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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Where the car reps dream


The beginning of snow.

* The prospect of death bound their fates together:

Of the 25,000 visas intended by law to be set aside for Iraqis, fewer than 6,000 have actually been given out since 2008. And there are even fewer for Afghans at just 9,000 available visas. That number was calculated on the basis of 40,000 American troops serving in Afghanistan, but the level of troops would go on to be more than double that.
Just 1,200 Afghans have received visas to date. But the US Senate voted in May with bipartisan support in favor of making an extra 5,000 visas available annually, says Reisner. The bill still has to pass in the House of Representatives.

* The last union coal mine in Illinois has closed:

But one might argue, “So what? 4000 guys have mining jobs in Illinois. Who cares if they belong to a union?” It matters because unions build power through collective action. Capital has few legitimate foes as formidable as a well-organized workforce. And in the case of coal mining, union representation can be a matter of life and death. Historically, the UMWA has played the dominant role to ensure safe mining standards....
Single Stones Will Form An Arch.

Also known as keeping them straight.

* Beautiful winter.

* Like Walter Mitty. Oh, book me a berth in Sammy Davis City, yeah! (Is Brian Setzer about the best thing to happen to Planet Earth?)

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