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Monday, January 06, 2014

Drop me off anywhere along in here


* Ghazni.

* Ghazni.

* Ghazni.

* I mention this only because the author of the now removed, pro-common sense Guns & Ammo editorial, is from Barry, Illinois: Banished for Questioning the Gospel of Guns.

* Given a choice between Arizona and Lake Michigan, I would take Lake Michigan any day.

* Looking back at Superman III:

The third film in the franchise is very much a product of its time, taking advantage of growing knowledge and interest in technology by introducing computer genius, Gus Gorman, played by Richard Pryor in a rather odd piece of casting. Pryor's comedic turn as Gorman lends much needed comic relief to a film that flips the notion of the family-friendly film on its head, by presenting the audience with the ultimate curveball: how will we react when faced with an evil Superman?

* Humor & Humanity: The Legacy of Richard Pryor.

* This unfortunate accident (thanks, Pete) reminded me of the timelessly hilarious Silver Streak.


The temperatures about an hour ago.

* Sundogs.

* More sundogs.

* I was thinking about getting this coat, which is warm to 15 below. But, I guess it's kind of late, now.

* Via Allie: Broken Bubbles, Frozen T-Shirts: Experiments With Subzero Temps. I think it was about January of 1996 when the actual temperature got down to -20. We boiled a small pan of water and flung it off the porch, into the air (the water, not the pan). It was amazing to watch the water instantly freeze in mid-air. Amazing. We did it several times. We also did the frozen t-shirt trick, but, after seeing water freeze before our very eyes, it wasn't as impressive.

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