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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Room Ten O Nine



* Wednesday, January 8, 1964: State of the Union speech.

* 2 children suffer burns after throwing boiling water into freezing air.

* It was late morning, early afternoon, when my co-worker and I heard a really loud noise behind us. We both turned around and, seeing nothing, decided it was coming from either upstairs or maybe the ceiling.

A few minutes later, a guy comes in the door with a ladder. He said he was with the cable company. He wanted to get in our ceiling tiles to thread some cable across the ceiling to the mechanical room. This would be for the upstairs tenants, who just moved in, he said. It seemed plausible. So, I'm like, okay.

When he was done, I said to him, by the way, when my boss moved in here several years ago, the landlords told her there would never be cable in the building because they didn't want any holes drilled in the outside walls or roof The guy said, "well, I guess they changed their mind." And then he left.

I'm usually very security conscious, but just realized, I never asked him for identification.

* The Currency of Exploitation. In part:

Several other techniques surprised me, interdiction being perhaps the most frightening and invasive. Interdiction is a military term that means intercepting or destroying enemy forces or supplies before they reach enemy lines. For the NSA, interdiction is the practice of hijacking a shipment of electronics in the mail so that bugs can be placed before it reaches the intended recipient.....

* Conch fritters. In my younger days, I once lived a week on nothing but conch, which was so plentiful it was free, and Tia Maria, which was just as plentiful, but not quite free.

* Canada geese.

* With a smile on your face and a tear right in your eye.....

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