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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

When the train left the station



* Divernon farm owners settle federal subsidy allegations for $5.3 million:

Prosecutors had alleged that the Dowsons evaded annual caps established by Congress that permitted an individual to receive payments on up to three entities. If an individual received payments as an individual, he or she could not also receive payment from more than two entities that got payment as a separate “person.” Using this provision, along with other regulations, an individual was effectively allowed to receive payments to himself and on behalf of up to two additional entities in which the individual held up to a 50 percent interest.

So, is that what they mean when rich people refer to welfare cheats, welfare queens, entitlement class? They settled the fine for $5,364,000.00.

* Illinois Radio Network has a piece about where the GOP candidates stand on Amtrak funding:

Financier Bruce Rauner says the passenger rail system is part of a big, important picture. “To the degree we don’t have the money to invest,” Rauner said, “we should form creative public-private partnerships to help finance investments in our infrastructure so it’s world class.”

When someone who wants to be governor talks about forming "creative public-private partnerships," especially when it comes to Amtrak funding, I hear someone who wants to be in charge of handing out contracts for things like cleaning and food service (to name a couple) to his friends so they can get richer off the the taxpayers.

* For if and when I switch to WordPress: 5 Essential WordPress Plugins.

* A man takes a rake... Mind BLOWN.

* Nice catch.

* UP Y709 busting snow drifts.

* It had two lights on behind....................

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