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Friday, January 31, 2014

Of your warm desire



* More than 1,800 vets' records intentionally destroyed or misfiled by 2 clerks:

* OMG: Tumbleweeds Are Eating a Town in New Mexico. I know someone who lives in Clovis. (Via.)

* The History of How We Came to Revere Abraham Lincoln: The slain president’s two personal secretaries battled mudslingers for a quarter-century to shape his image. (Via Mike Kienzler.)

* Seascape With Sun and Eagle (in part):

than most birds
an eagle flies up
over San Francisco
freer than most places
soars high up
floats and glides high up
in the still
open spaces

-- Lawrence Ferlinghetti

* Beautiful photos: Eagle watching.

* Many things happened on January 31, 1971. It was also my parents' 25th wedding anniversary.

* I've got the blues for you, yeah............................................

Posted by Marie at January 31, 2014 9:26 PM