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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Tired of waiting




City Hall. (Previous City Hall; same location.)

* Map of US states renamed as countries of similar GDP.

* Booze map of the world.

* Some tips for eagle watchers.

* It was my first of many Super Bowl parties with The Organization. I remember it like it was just yesterday.... The year would have been 1981. It was a bitter cold Sunday afternoon in January. I almost considered staying home because the sidewalks between my house and the tavern were a mess of frozen slush. But, then I would have missed out on all the fun.

No one could throw a party like The Organization. They just needed a good reason. Or not. In this case it was the Superbowl. But, whether it was sporting events or wedding receptions or any number of other excuses to have a party, pretty much all their parties went like this.

One person of The Organization assigned which food would be brought by which people. Delicacies such as bean dip and Doritos, seven layer salad, sloppy Joes, white cupcakes with pink frosting, and more, were on the menu. Basically, anyone could bring anything, except no one better bring eggs.

As per usual, the place would provide paper plates, plastic cutlery and, of course, the bar would be open. Everyone began trickling in around 2:00 in the afternoon. Booze, food and fellowship were the order of the day. The atmosphere was warm and cozy. The jukebox was on low. The TV was on loud. The people’s voices were on louder. The dogs were curled up in a corner, just happy to be with the people. So far, so good.

And then about 2:30 :someone showed up with a large tray of deviled eggs. And the crowd went wild. Because, dang, who doesn’t love a good deviled egg. Well, one person.

Cussing ensued. Fists were thrown. Skulls were cracked. And by 3:00 the police showed up. By 3:30 I was at home with my feet up on the couch, reading a good book, enjoying the cupcakes I made, which turns out were still warm inside.

* For you.

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