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Friday, February 14, 2014

My feet been draggin' 'cross the ground


Sunrise from a couple days ago.

* Answers to the most common Springfield snow-removal questions. From page 2:

How does public works know if each street is plowed?
Public works utilizes an Automated Vehicle Locator system that tracks each piece of equipment via Global Positioning System. From that data, central dispatch can verify when and where a vehicle has been. Also, we provide to our snow district managers a list of areas that are easy to miss and ask them to verify. Visual checks continue during and after snowstorms to verify that streets are passable.

Put that data in the form of a map on the web in real time so the people can see where the plows are in relation to their homes and businesses. If Illinois can do it, and Sangamon County can do it, Springfield should be able to do it.

As to what went unsaid in that article, and the city won't admit, but everybody knows: That Springfield sprawled too far, too fast, without consideration for keeping up with the demands of keeping the streets clear after a big snow (to name one of many things it can't keep up with). Vincent LaGuardia Gambini sums it up for us.

* Today's big snow in photos.

* The Excalibur of Snow Shovels:

Tomorrow morning I’ll head downstairs to dig my car out of the snow. I’ll have a stoic look on my face, and a warm sense of superiority in my heart. That’s because in my hands I’ll be holding a supreme weapon: an old steel coal shovel. There’s no finer tool for the task of shoveling snow—especially when that “snow” is in fact that unique urban concretion of ice, sand, and salt.

This is true. Read the whole thing.

* In these times, your dream house.

* Your better dream house.

* Now book learning time. Like normal some fall asleep and others stare off in space!

* And I hope it's gonna be a long, hot summer..............

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