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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Heard the diesel drumming


Through the windshield.


Ash Street.


Canadian National 2162 hauling a single hopper, heading east across Tenth Street at Stanford.


From the archives. January 1959.

* This is a step backwards: Legislation at Statehouse would keep 911 tapes private.

* Hey, here's a surprise. Not. Friday’s 5.5 inches brought Springfield’s seasonal total to 40.2 inches, just about 5 inches short of the city snowiest winter on record (45.1 inches in the winter of 1981-82). The average snowfall by Feb. 14 for Springfield is 15.6 inches.

* A family friend is in the golf shirt business.

* Long hood forward.

* More songs have been written about trains than anything else, including love. (I just made that up. Could be true.)

* All down the line.

Posted by Marie at February 15, 2014 7:55 PM