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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The one danger zone


Yesterday's sunrise.


Today's sunrise.

* Robber Barons Rising: The Potential for Resource Conflict in Ghazni, Afghanistan.

* Some retiring lawmakers could walk away with a big green parting gift.

* Established in 2011, PSJD is the first international organization dedicated to establishing the ethical, educational and technological framework for the emerging field of drone journalism.

* I think it was a Sunday afternoon in about January of 1977. A very dear friend, who was an experienced parachutist, took me to jump school at a private airstrip in southwestern Illinois. Just before I was to board the plane for my first jump, I had the brilliant idea I probably shouldn't possibly end my life without first calling my mom to tell her I love her. I walked out to the end of the runway where there was a payphone on a pole and called home. Collect. My brother accepted the charges and I asked to talk to mom. But, because of all the wind in the middle of this barren cornfield, and the noise of the propellers on the antique DC3, he couldn't hear me. No matter how much I yelled, let me talk to mom, he would just yell back, "what?" I finally hung up. I never did jump out of a plane.

* Excellent: Jumping Out Of Airplanes: How It’s Really Like:

Meanwhile the harness is crushing your balls, and you’re unable to move effectively because you have your heavy ass rucksack dangling from your waist. You’re sitting down, using your helmet as a support for your lower back. While you’re waiting for an unknowable amount of time, you fall asleep. Suddenly, you’re awaken, still groggy; you are told to get up. You struggle to get yourself up and fumble around like a football, until one of your buddies takes pity on you and offers you a helpful hand. As you get to your feet, you realize you have to take a piss. Too late, dick face....

* Let me in, NOW.

* Take me to the pilot for control. Take me to the pilot of your soul.

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