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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Too many flies on you





I went car shopping with a girl I went to high school with. This isn't something I'd normally do, considering it best not to let friends discover the little neuroses that come out in car buying situations. I mean, if the car sales person sees you're a total nutjob, that's okay because once the sale is made, you're done with him. But a friend, well, that's a much different level of nutjob intimacy. But, I figured it would be all right because she lives in Oklahoma and I live here.

Anyway, she bought a 2015 blue Corvette. I so badly wanted to tell her she was just going through a mid-life crisis and if she just took three deep breaths, it'd be over. Not wanting to hurt her feelings, though, I refrained. I ended up getting a 1974 Cutlass. Unfortunately, my car broke down as I was driving it off the lot. So, they gave me a loaner 1971 GM of some sort. It was beige and I didn't much pay attention to anything else about it.

I drove the loaner back to work, but, all the parking spaces were taken. So, I squeezed onto the sidewalk between the parking lot and the building. When I got off work, and I walked out the door, I was pretty sure the loaner would be gone and it was. There were only about three cars in the parking lot, and I was certain none were my loaner. The car farthest away from the building was a 1953 Pontiac Chieftan two-tone sedan in cream puff condition, and I wished that was my car.

Figuring the loaner got towed, I called the police to report it so I could try to get it back, While I was waiting for the cop, I found a rusty old unicycle in the landscaping between the sidewalk and the building. I decided to attempt to ride it across the parking lot to the Pontiac, just to check it out, and I was surprised how easy it was to ride a unicycle. When the cop showed up, and I was unable to describe the loaner, he looked at me very suspiciously and started questioning me about crimes in the area.

And then I woke up.

* I just can't brush them off...

Posted by Marie at April 22, 2014 8:56 PM