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Sunday, April 27, 2014




* Springfield city clerk’s office shares Lincoln funeral-related records with coalition:

In addition to the April 19, 1865, ordinance authorizing the expenditure of $20,000 — the equivalent of about $300,000 today — the council on April 24 approved resolutions offering 218 acres adjacent to Oak Ridge Cemetery for Lincoln’s burial, authorizing the mayor to appoint a committee to help “procure suitable quarters for the escort attending the remains of the late President Lincoln from Washington,” and authorizing the council to issue permits to “control the erection of booths for the sales of food during President Lincoln’s funeral.”
Not all of the measures were met with unanimous approval, Hawkins said, noting that four council members voted against the resolution offering land.

* Agree: SJ-R Opinion: Opinion: Obama library should be in Illinois

* The Fascinating History Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport: 1920-1960.
* 1960-2000.
* 2000 to Present. (Good stuff. Thanks, Amanda.)

* On a jet plane.....

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