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Monday, May 05, 2014

Nothing can change



* You know things are bad when the American Legion calls for the resignation of the Secretary of the Veterans Administration.

* Meet the Fed's First Line of Defense Against Cyber Attacks - Inside the secret Fed cybersecurity unit keeping trillions of dollars safe from hackers.

* Cars in Cuba.

* Nice car.

* Barge.

* Wild in the Streets (1968):

Christopher Jones stars as rock singer and aspiring revolutionary Max Frost (born Max Jacob Flatow Jr.; his first public act of violence was blowing up his family's new car). Frost's band, The Troopers, live together with him, their women, and others in a sprawling Los Angeles mansion. The band includes his 15-year-old genius attorney Billy Cage (Kevin Coughlin) on lead guitar, ex-child actor and girlfriend Sally LeRoy (Diane Varsi) on keyboards, hook-handed Abraham Salteen (Larry Bishop) on bass guitar and trumpet, and anthropologist Stanley X (Richard Pryor) on drums.

* The shape of things to come.

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