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Thursday, May 22, 2014

You want to be free


* Video caught Chicago cop beating handcuffed woman. (And more. Lots more.)

* Pope’s blessing:

In December 1995, the month he turned 20, Exavier B. Pope came close to selling drugs.
He was living in an apartment on the city’s Southeast Side, sleeping on the floor of a drug house. After flunking out at Iowa State University in one semester and hanging with friends at the University of Illinois, Pope was back home in Chicago.
Once again, he was alone. His brother and twin sister were not in his life at the time. He was barely speaking to his mother. He hadn’t seen his father in 10 years. His beloved foster mother had been dead for five.
He had no phone. He had no car. He had one set of clothes: an Iowa State T-shirt, an undersized leather bomber, blue jeans and white athletic shoes.
And one day, he had crack cocaine.

Keep reading.

* The Illinois legislature should sell rides on the evacuation chute to raise revenue for the state.

* RIP Hot Doug's: A Love Letter.

* Anglers: Help stop the spread of invasive species!

* Lunch.

* But you'll come running back (said you would baby).

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