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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Big Yellow


Northbound Union Pacific 4642. It was followed by a single flatbed.


Then this. (Better photos at DeKalb and St. Paul.)

* It’s a little after 7:00 on a freezing cold, rainy, January night. You’re in the sub-basement of Chicago Union Station (or maybe it’s the super-sub-basement, or even the super-super-sub-basement; it’s hard to tell). You try to get a good look at the dimly lit, cavernous space and see nothing but smooth, old concrete. You’ve been over every inch of this building in your explorations, and you wonder how this other world escaped your notice.

The subterranean atmosphere is not at all unpleasant, despite the exhaust coming out of the two automobiles idling just a couple feet from where you stand. You wonder how a car could get down there.

Suddenly, your boss puts both his hands on your shoulders and shakes you back to the here and now. He, the CFO of the client, a bevy of associates, and two other of the firm’s partners, including the senior partner, are, once more, telling you that you have to get to the airport so you can get on the last plane of the night to Washington to file these extremely important, but incredibly heavy, documents before The Court’s midnight deadline.

Time is of the essence. That means you miss the plane, you miss the deadline. Got it? The client, and dare we say, the firm’s future depends on you. Do you understand?

Of course, you understand. This is the job you were born to do. One of ‘em, anyway.

You turn your attention to the two vehicles. One’s an Uber car with a hopeful hipster trying to make a buck, with nothing better to do on a Friday night, behind the wheel. The other’s a licensed taxi with a somewhat grizzled, but dedicated and licensed professional cab driver trying to earn a living behind the wheel. You’ve got about 25 minutes to get from here to O’Hare to your seat on that plane. Oh, by the way, traffic is heavy and the roads are starting to ice up.

Which car do you get in?

* You’re not fooling us, Uber! 8 reasons why the “sharing economy” is all about corporate greed. (More about Uber.)

* Illinois: Ride-sharing: Close the Insurance Gap.

* Taxi.

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