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Friday, June 13, 2014

It should be easy



George Rank's.

* Need more information like, solid, liquid or gas? Color? Size? Illinois EPA investigating mysterious substance in Chatham.

* Peoria: ACLU details suit against city; Ardis exploring counter legal action.

* Mayor Ardis will apparently defend himself in the Twitter lawsuit by bitching about the media.

* Ardis has now joined the ranks of politicians reading mean tweets about themselves in front of cameras. (But, his reading was not funny. Why would he think it necessary to do this?)

* It's not everyday the mayor of a major Midwestern city gives a press conference where he utters the words pussy on my breath, titties, my crackpipe, and fucking, among others, and not necessarily in that order. But, when he does, the internet knows what to do.

* Let's do this: Memorial sound to echo down the Thames:

The event is not a mandatory one, but ships are being encouraged to sound one long prolonged blast of their ship horns at 6pm on the 28th June to indicate mourning, in memory of the firing of the first shot in World War One.
It’s actually a UNESCO idea, for all vessels moored in harbours worldwide to use a remembrance sound signal.

* How to identify that light in the sky.

* Well this could be the last time.

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