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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Now that I've lost everything to you


1955 Chevy in the wild. (Yes, I looked it up.)


Union Pacific 4952 soutbound on the Norfolk Southern tracks. And here's the same engine pulling a long train through Palm Springs. Beautiful.


I think it was a bible.

* What Would Air Strikes in Iraq Achieve? (A better question: Airstrikes, then what?)

* What went wrong in Iraq.

* This guy served in Iraq: Absolutely Nothing.

* Blair Kamin: Trump's sign in Chicago a bad one for burgeoning riverfront:

The arrows I've been shooting at the humongous sign that Donald Trump has stuck on his Chicago riverfront tower are as much about protecting the beauty of the riverfront as bemoaning the ugliness of The Donald's badge of dishonor.
As brash as a cowboy's belt buckle, the freshly installed sign flaunts stainless steel letters that reach more than 20 feet high and stretch 141 feet across, or nearly half a football field. It's a self-disfiguring act that blights Trump's refined, 96-story hotel-condominium skyscraper — and threatens the riverfront's dignity and beauty.
Once an industrial thoroughfare lined with smoke-belching factories, hulking brick warehouses and other ungainly buildings, the riverfront is fast becoming a showcase, not just of striking buildings like the twin corncobs of Marina City but of vital public space.

* The view from Douglas Rutherford's window.

* You say you wanna start something new....

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