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Monday, June 16, 2014

I met him there in a border town



Scam artist in the name of the Lord.

* Photos: Land Use Change Destruction to Grow Bio-fuels.

* Oh, come on, man! Oh, winter: "Another Cold Winter May Be Brewing..."

For the Midwest and Great Lakes: A slightly cooler than normal winter with around average precipitation is currently favored. Low confidence. Snowfall is projected to be below normal.

That's fine. Just keep the ice out from under our feet and tires.

* Today in Nebraska.

* Rest in peace, Casey Kasem. You were a major part of our lives.

* Casey Kasem: The Voice of Rock and Roll.

* Casey Kasem: A Self-Made Genius.

* Casey on Letterman doing the Top Ten List in 1993. (Corrected link, I hope.)

* He vowed we'd never part.....

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