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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Time it was


I managed to resist the urge to try on this fine pair of jeans discarded by the side of the road. When I went back several hours later, because I couldn't stop thinking about them, they were gone.



* This is edge of your seat stuff: The ‘Great Marianas Turkey Shoot’:

That was the greatest fiasco the navy ever had. The lights had been turned off on the carriers. Japanese pilots in Zeros were supposedly in the landing circle. When I first got back I found my own carrier with our direction finder (we called it a Hay rake), but then it was so dark that in making a turn I apparently found another carrier. (It was not possible to recognize a carrier when you got close to it except by its wake and shape.)

* Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, Pvt. Danny Chen, and our highly conditional love of American soldiers.

* Over 1,000 in Mokena pay tribute to fallen soldier.

* Near the edge of a local pond, I spotted a goose's very large tail feather, which I wanted to grab for my collection, if I had a collection. I'm thinking about starting one. Unfortunately, I would have had to traipse through mass quantities of goose poop in various stages of decay to get to it. I declined.

* Gus the goose.

* Just hit the rabbit.

* And what a time it was, it was....

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