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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I wanna know for sure



Resurrection lilies.

* Yesterday, somebody planted a well made pipe bomb on a sidewalk in downtown Springfield. Fortunately, the Secretary of State police has a bomb squad posted right here in Springfield and it was quickly rendered safe in place. (Video interview with bomb squad guy. Thanks, Allie.)

* Fancy (band):

Fancy were an early-mid-1970s pop group. The band was made up of session musicians produced by Mike Hurst. They had a surprise U.S. hit single in 1974 with a version of the classic "Wild Thing" and a second U.S. hit with "Touch Me" (March 1974). They were initially fronted by Penthouse Pet Helen Caunt and later Annie Kavanagh. Ray Fenwick formerly of the Spencer Davis Group joined Fancy in 1974.

Seriously, Helen, that's the best name you could come up with? (On the off off off chance that's a real name, please don't tell me.)

* July 27, 1974 WLS Silver Dollar Survey.

* Wild thing, I love you. (Fancy version.)

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