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Monday, September 01, 2014

I can't go




* 'Factory Man': how a Virginia furniture maker took on China:

Most people in business have a story about how China has changed their industry, how over the past 30 years it has upended supply chains and grabbed daunting market share. But very few have the sort of China story that John Bassett III has.
One day in November 2002, Bassett, a third-generation furniture maker from Virginia, found himself in China meeting the Communist party official and businessman intent on putting him out of business.
This official's ambitions and instructions were clear and direct: His company would soon be the biggest furniture manufacturer in the world, and resistance was futile. Bassett was told he should shut his U.S. factories and contract his production to China. It was the only way his business would survive.

* How A Factory Man Fought To Save His Furniture Company.

* ‘Factory Man’ explores human side of how globalization affects U.S. industry.

* It feels like there's something missing from this article: Emanuel-Rauner ties create campaign subplot.

* Quinn, Rauner Out Campaigning At Labor Day Parades:

“My opponent is the most anti-worker candidate in Illinois history. He wants to cut the minimum wage, he had firms that outsourced American jobs to foreign lands. I don’t think that is what we need on Labor Day or any other day in Illinois. We need to raise the minimum wage and keep our jobs right here in our own backyard,” Quinn said.


* And on this Labor Day, the anti-union contingent is heard from: Mark Mix: It’s Labor Day, not Union Day.

* It's not enough for people like Mark Mix to just express their disdain for unions, union workers, and the dreaded union bosses. They have a mission to turn as many of the rest of us as they can against unions, too. They bang out their message in a constant, steady drumbeat to turn our hearts and minds against unions.

But, before we jump on the anti-union bandwagon, consider this: Unions, and all they entail, are the only major check the rest of us have against the corporate and moneyed interests who, without any consideration for workers and consumers and everyday people, would have their way with our laws, state legislatures, congress, state and federal executive branches, and our courts. We need good, strong unions. Do away with unions and we'll all be working for the company store.

* I owe my soul to the company store.............

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