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Thursday, September 11, 2014

On this day


Springfield patterns.

* Storify: Today Ari Fleischer tweeted what he might have tweeted 13 years ago today, if Twitter and smart phones had been invented at the time. I'm not a huge fan of Fleischer, but this is a fascinating account of someone who was with the president when this was happening. It contains several things we did not know at the time and did not know until today.

FOne Capt. Mark Tillman told me 10 yrs later that we took off at unusually steep ascent bcause he had a report of a sniper at end of runway. (Link.)

* When I got to the office, my boss told me and my co-worker, Alice, "I don't want you two girls to worry about this. Get busy working. I'm going home to cut the grass."

We didn't have the internet in that office. So, as soon as he was gone, I unplugged the line from the fax machine, plugged it into Alice's computer, and she signed on to her AOL account. The two of us spent the entire morning squeezed into her work station watching the news on the web, such as it was.

About 11:30, our client in Bedford Park called to say he heard the State of Illinois was closing its Capitol complex offices, and that his office was closing, too. The Statehouse was just a few blocks up the street from my then office. I called the boss and told him what was going on and suggested that Alice and I should close our office, too. He said, "no, you girls keep working."

About 2:30, I told Alice, fuck it. My daughter will be home from school in a half hour. We should be with our families. Let's leave now. We closed the office and left.

When school got out, my daughter, who was a junior in high school, called to ask if it was okay if she could go to the mall with her friend. No way! Come home now. "Why? What's wrong with you?" she asked. Because we're under attack. "Oh, mom. We'll still be under attack when I get back from the mall." Oh, okay.

My other daughter and I spent the rest of the afternoon talking about how we could turn our house into a bunker. Everything was fine, until I freaked her out when she found out her very liberal mom was actually pro-gun.

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