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Friday, September 12, 2014

If you want me to love you


* Springfield patterns.

* Why Andrew Johnson restored the old South:

Abraham Lincoln could not have imagined that the pro-Union Democrat he’d wanted as his running mate in 1864 to calm Wall Street would become the sole leader of the nation for seven of its most crucial months. But so it happened. On April 15, 1865, less than three hours after Lincoln had breathed his last, Andrew Johnson took the presidential oath of office in his rooms at Kirkwood House on Pennsylvania Avenue. With Congress out of session, Johnson was now in charge of what he called the “restoration” of the Union. In the seven months before Congress reconvened in December, Johnson would undermine Lincoln’s vision of the nation and in the process warp American politics for generations to come.

* I clutched my heart, my eyes started burning, and I broke down in tears: The Hyperlinked Ballad Of Eliza Icewalker.

* I am the woman you laughed at on the Internet:

The person we see on the treadmill is quite large, and though we can't see her face, she seems to be female because she has long hair in pigtails. She's wearing denim overalls, big denim overalls, like a farmer, and—this is the important part—she's not walking on the treadmill. Her big body in her big overalls is sitting in one of Snap's spindly little red folding chairs, on the treadmill—which is not moving—and she's looking up above the treadmill display, watching the flat-screen TV that's mounted on the wall. She is definitely "doing it wrong."
"Is this you?!" wrote my friend Angie.

* Little Mo:

It’s called a “deluge unit.” It looks like a modified pick-up truck with two fixed hose nozzles on the truck bed with inlets for 10 fire hoses on the back of it.

* Unit 671.

* Is my email leaked?

* Beer flavored jelly beans.

* Looks like pieces on a chessboard.

* Tell it like it is............... (Aaron.)

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