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Friday, September 19, 2014

I ride my bike


I didn't try it on.


* Sunday, September 27, 1964: Warren Commission report.

* 1984 was pop’s greatest year, says Rolling Stone—and Prince was the best thing about it.

* Chicago: 'Slow Roll' cyclists aim to revive neighborhoods:

Starting on Saturday, Reed, 41, and Julien, 39, are determined to bring recreational biking to neighborhoods like Chatham when they lead Chicago's first "slow roll," a growing biking movement in which groups of bicyclists leisurely coast through struggling communities before rallying to support a local business.

* One of the questions I have wanted to ask our mayor, who's running for re-election, is what are you doing to make Springfield a place where people want to live and be and work and maybe move to. I'm sure he'd have some typical politician answer about the economy and business and tearing up blighted neighborhoods.

But the honest answer is nothing. His administration has made no changes to make Springfield a vibrant, exciting place where people can be proud to live.

That is, until now. I think his administration may have had a rare stroke of genius. This week they reconfigured the traffic lanes on Second Street for two miles from South Grand to North Grand to allow for bicycle traffic in both directions. Second Street is one of our few two-way streets that runs through downtown. It also runs right past the Statehouse.

Good for the administration. Good for the people. Good for life in Springfield.

* I roller skate. Don't drive no car.

Posted by Marie at September 19, 2014 8:35 PM