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Saturday, September 20, 2014

I told you



Springfield patterns.

* Very informative, and not what we usually get in the news about Yemen: Sana'a:

While everyone else was content to build mud huts, tents, old caves or other basic dwellings, industrious Yemenis put up skyscrapers using only stone, mud, and lime. Confined by its protective wall from growing outwards, the city instead grew up, a forest of tower houses from five to nine stories high. These beautiful dwellings still stand, an ancient urban landscape where only the satellite dishes and metal water tanks tip you off that you are no longer in the Middle Ages.

* The U.S. Embassy in Yemen has two job openings.

* California Drought: ‘Pop-up’ wetlands provide bird habitat.

Conservationists are temporarily renting 14,000 acres from rice farmers and flooding them just long enough to give the migrating birds the rest and food they need to survive their flights.
Within hours of workers flooding the field two weeks earlier, hundreds of migrating birds appeared.

* Vivian Maier's undeveloped film on hold amid legal fight.

* 'Bout our kid. Now, he's married to Mabel.

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