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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Whisper secrets to the wind



Caged with a bunch of others of its ilk.


1955 Olds Super 88 Coupe, with Washington State plates, sort of in the wild, but not really, because the Route 66 Festival is in town, even though this was no where near the goings on at the time. Also, I only needed to do a quick Google search to verify the make and model, since I do know my Oldsmobiles. It's one of my more advanced skills.

* Utah: 4 People Prosecuted Under #AgGag Law for Photographing Factory Farm From the Road.

* You know how sometimes you go out to dinner on a Friday night and the hostess says the wait will be 20 minutes, or an hour, or longer, and you have to decide do you really want to wait that long or just go someplace else? Well, if you want to eat at Hot Doug's in Chicago this week, the wait is ten hours and the line is down the block(s). And you will wait because the place is the stuff of legends and sadly, Friday is their last day in business.

* Tweet of the week: "If we may ask a favor, please don't go trying to sell spots in line and please don't look to buy them, my friends. It makes things weird." -- Hot Doug's.

* Video: Red and white 55 88 in Staunton, Illinois.

* No Jaws: The 10 best quotable films.

* Your baby doesn't want you anymore. It's over.........

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