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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Bound for a star with fiery oceans


Springfield red door.

* Homeless in Bemidji | This series of stories from the Bemidji Pioneer are compiled here on the one-year anniversary of their publication, by Justin Glawe.

* Indiana: Residents decry BP's planned demolition of historic Marktown homes:

When Juan Laureano invites friends to his home, it usually comes with a warning.
“In the invitations I have to explain to them not to panic,” Laureano says.
That’s because to get to Laurano’s home, you have to pass through one of the most heavily industrialized corridors in the country.
“BP on side, Safety Kleen on the other, USG, Arcelor, so it’s imposing. But once you arrive here, it’s very peaceful, very quiet. It’s home,” Laureano adds.

* Photoset: Marktown.

* Chicago: Mr. Downing and the Bright Red Door.

* Nice house: The Tagert 10th Mountain Ski Hut under the first snow of Fall, near Aspen, CO. (Click link within for more on 10th Mountain huts.)

* It's so very lonely, you're a hundred light years from home........

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