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Saturday, October 25, 2014

There's a tramp sittin' on my doorstep


This ginkgo tree makes me so happy. I'm keeping an eye on it this year. The last couple years, I missed when it turned a bright yellow, which is like having to leave an art show before you see everything.

* How Bruce Rauner makes money from for-profit schools and worthless degrees:

In 1999 GTCR funded the creation of ForeFront Education, a for-profit company offering college degrees and training for jobs including medical assistants, paralegals, and office administrators. As with all of its investments, GTCR was interested in this segment of higher education because of its growth potential—or, as the Chronicle of Higher Education later reported, "because of its high profit margin."
As investors, Rauner and his colleagues were onto something: the for-profit college industry was entering a boom time. By 2010 it was generating $30 billion a year, according to an investigation by Bloomberg News. But it did so "by targeting vulnerable populations—disabled military and veterans, the homeless, immigrants and minorities—with misleading promises of low costs, online academic help, and lucrative jobs after graduation."

* I watched the entire hour and a half of the SJ-R's Friday editorial board interview with Bruce Rauner. For someone who's never been a politician before, he talks a good political game.

* Just one of the points of Bruce Rauner's campaign for Illinois governor is to do away with the almost 7000 units of government in Illinois. Assuming each unit of government has some valid function, I have to question his reasoning, his desire to do away with these units.

Let me explain my own reasoning in simple terms. Illinois has 102 counties. Each county has a county board, a court system, a clerk, a treasurer, a zoning board, an assessor, a tax review board, among other units of government. Each county also has city and township entities and each of those have their own systems for animal control and roads and bridges (think snow removal) to name just a couple units of government. You can see how these units of government start to add up.

If we shed these units of government, who is going to be in charge of snow removal in say, far south Alexander County? Him? From his office in Chicago or Springfield? He's going to do what? Hand out contracts for whoever gets to buy equipment and operate that equipment? That would be the effect of doing away with all those units of government. A more centralized form of government on the state level is what conservative Bruce Rauner is talking about. How unconservative of him.

* And with this, he has swept the endorsement of every major newspaper in the state: SJ-R Our Opinion: Cautiously optimistic Bruce Rauner has clear economic vision for Illinois. (You broke my heart, SJ-R.)

* Me: Bruce Rauner knows how to get rich and he does it very well. It's all he's done. It's what he knows. His experience as venture capitalist, or a salesman as he calls himself, will not translate to all the many jobs the governor of Illinois has to do. Illinois is not a profit making company.

* Tryin' to waste his time.......

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