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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I never kept a dollar past sunset


* Our once beloved Bel-Aire made Rust Magazine: The Slumlords We Love:

Ken bursts through the front door of the Bel-Aire office wielding a can of wasp spray. The woman who ran in just before Ken is, to understate matters, distressed, and both are screaming at each other. Ken’s round face is red with shouting, and the contrast of his white beard makes him look like Santa Claus from hell. A black-and-white license plate hangs above the office window: “ILLINOIS ROUTE 66 — GET YOUR KICKS —,” it reads.
The woman thinks Ken stole her clothes from the laundry room, so Ken sprayed her with wasp spray in the parking lot.
The motel clerk leaps up from the desk to intervene, and he’s greeted with an eyeful of insecticide. The much younger, smaller man grabs Ken, kicks him in the groin, and hits him over the head five or ten times.

It gets better, so read on. I never heard of Rust Magazine until today, but I like it.

The administration of the City of Springfield (as in city hall) could go a long way to bringing down the crime rate in, and because of, places like the Bel-Aire, and the cycle of crime in the city, if they cared about things like homelessness, poverty, education. You need only spend some time wandering these streets to realize it. I'm going to write more of my thoughts on this at a another time. It's just too exhausting right now.

* Very well said, Mark Brown: Why I don’t like Bruce Rauner. Hint: It rhymes with funny:

I particularly don’t like a new breed of uber-wealthy bullies who are intent on reshaping Illinois government more to their liking under the guise of reforming it for our benefit.
Theirs is a mindset that money trumps, that money gets what it wants, because in the end, money can always buy what it needs and who it needs.
No longer content to manipulate politicians from afar as wealthy businessmen always have, this new breed wants to run the government directly — and other local institutions as well — apparently to make sure no instructions are lost in the translation.

* Very nice houses.

* It always burned a hole in my pants.

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