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Sunday, November 02, 2014

You should have seen her go


* A reasonable voice: Dave Bakke: Berg says Ebola must be contained at source:

Q: After the doctor in New York was diagnosed, our Gov. Pat Quinn ordered a 21-day quarantine for any travelers returning to Illinois who had contact with Ebola patients overseas. Is that a good policy?
A: It’s counterproductive and goes against the science we know about how the disease spreads (you can’t transmit when asymptomatic).
The best way to protect America is contain Ebola at its source. To do that requires health volunteers. It’s already a difficult enough decision to go. A forced 21-day quarantine that goes against science, and the associated stigma, means most considering will just decide it’s not worth it.

* Find Out What Your Zip Code Says About You With This Creepily Accurate Website. (Via akaKath.) (esri.com)

* I knew the bride when she used to rock'n'roll. (Dave Edmunds.)

Posted by Marie at November 2, 2014 8:23 PM