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Thursday, November 06, 2014

He never smiles



* SJ-R: Our Opinion: Welcome to Springfield, Mr. Rauner:

And once you decide what it is you wish to accomplish first, let the voters and taxpayers in on what it will take to carry out those plans. No more platitudes, and no more I’ll-talk-about-it-later brush-offs. Illinoisans are equal partners in this endeavor, and they deserve to understand exactly what you want to do and how you intend to do it. Taxpayers deserve accountability.

Some people have said the SJ-R editorial today is sour grapes. That's one interpretation. I disagree. It's realistic. He won the election. No need to keep keeping us in the dark. We need to know what he's really got up his sleeve. The sooner, the better.

* Mr. Rauner: Advice from a Democrat who voted for you, by Newton Minow:

3) Some of your supporters booed when you said Tuesday night that you had called the Democratic leaders, House Speaker Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton. Tell those who booed to get out of your way.
4) Illinois voters decided to elect a Republican governor and a Democratic House and Senate. That decision does not make you enemies but rather partners. You, Madigan and Cullerton want the same legacies: to make Illinois a better place than it is now. Working together, you can restore the greatness of Illinois.

I hope Bruce Rauner listens to Newton Minow and heeds his advice. (Side note: I do not know Mr. Minow, personally. But, I am aware of two people (one I do know personally) whose careers were greatly changed and improved because of his influence. If he was giving me career advice, which he never would, I would do it.)

* Reader: Eight questions for your new Republican overlord:

3 How do you plan to deal with Madigan?
Madigan is as unpopular as he is powerful. You've tried your best to convince voters that you were actually running against him, which means the two of you probably aren't about to get chummy. One of your favorite commercials lumped together our most recent governor, the speaker, and Cullerton—along with imprisoned former governor Rod Blagojevich. "Together they've been in Springfield for over 100 years," the commercial declared. "One hundred years of failure is enough."
The speaker is used to being the campaign bogeyman, especially for Republicans, says Steve Brown, his longtime spokesman. "It's always amazing that they never think of something new, but I guess that's why they're where they are and why we're where we are."
The fact remains that any governor who wants to accomplish something—anything—is going to have to negotiate with Madigan.

I do not personally know Mike Madigan, but I always say that whenever someone tries to make him out to be the bad guy, what they they really want is to do what he does. I also always say, when Mike Madigan talks, which isn't a lot, drop what you're doing and listen. I do. I hope Mr. Rauner does that, too.

* His mouth merely twists. The breath in my lungs is clinging and thick. But I know his name... (Mr. D, of course; hey, it's all I could think of.)

Posted by Marie at November 6, 2014 10:00 PM