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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The new word


Remember the Maine.


Statehouse lit up.


Iles Park snow.

* The Ferguson Lie:

Americans may be a smart, educated people, but we are lazy and ignorant. It’s too much effort for our delicate sensibilities to gain a deeper understanding of how our nation functions. This is why the Ferguson Lie happened. This is why the Ferguson Lie works.
That the grand jury did not indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson was a foregone conclusion. To those of us who don’t have to look up a study or read a law review article to understand how indictments happen in the real world, the outcome was clear when St. Louis County District Attorney Bob McCulloch announced that he would present all the evidence to the grand jury. Wachtler’s “ham sandwich” has grown trite in this discussion.

* First mention of indicting a ham sandwich. Jan. 31, 1985 in the @NYDailyNews.

* Making Sense of Darren Wilson's Story.

* Springfield vigil held in wake of Ferguson decision.

* Analysis: Why whites don’t understand black segregation:

Indeed, nearly all-white neighborhoods in big cities are now virtually extinct. Nearly all-black neighborhoods, on the other hand, are still commonplace.
So, while others see expanded opportunities and greater equality, African Americans in those places experience ongoing isolation -- and the challenges that come with it. Those different life experiences yield different perceptions about racial equality and inclusion in a fair system of government.

* The states that tax the poor the most.

* To have is revolution.... (Gil Scott Heron. Words, with annotations.)

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