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Thursday, November 27, 2014

She let the phone keep ringing


67 Chevy in the wild, and in the neighborhood. Last seen here.






* Someone took a 15 second video of the Darren Wilson parade and someone else put it to the music of Migos. Pure genius.

* Someone on Vox recently noticed that Illinois and Wisconsin have more bars than grocery stores. Readers of my blog have known this since April of 2011. Thanks, Dave.

* This tweet has been around since 2012. But, since it crossed my timeline three times in the last couple days, I thought I should blog it. It works: "Tell me about Twitter, Dad." "Well son, we would piece together the news of the day by reading strangers' decontextified jokes about it."

* Endangered architecture: Herdegen-Brieske Funeral Home.

* I rarely watch daytime TV, but I did today. I wish I could tell you I learned something valuable. Something worthwhile. Unfortunately, not.

A talking head on CNN said only a small percentage of men rape. She didn't say which percentage. I'm sure CNN thinks they're doing some kind of public service with all these seemingly endless stories and so-called experts discussing the allegations against Bill Cosby. Sadly, the way they deliver it isn't as news about a serious topic, but more like barroom gossip.

There were more commercials than I could count telling parents and grandparents they should surprise their kid with a stuffie. When I was a kid (and still), stuffie was a miserable thing that happened to your nose when you got a cold. Next year's hot toy: A chicken called poxie?

I tuned in to the middle of General Hospital. After six seconds, I was addicted. After seven seconds, I fell asleep. I'm sure I'll be able to figure out everything that happened when I tune in for six seconds again next year.

Happy Thanksgiving.

* And she sat there softly singing little nursery rhymes... (Marianne Faithful, lyrics by Shel Silverstein.)

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