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Saturday, December 27, 2014

If your child needs a daddy




Stained glass.


Whenever I see one of these signs on a street corner, my initial reaction is no right turn.

* Bakke: Area man finds himself in historic photograph:

The Christmas Past that visited Terry was 1970, Phu Bai, Vietnam, and the Bob Hope Christmas Day show. Remember those shows? At Christmas, Hope took a bevy of beautiful women and, oh yes, some other performers, to Vietnam to entertain the troops.
After “Santa Clause 2” ended, Terry went online to see if there was anything regarding that Phu Bai show. What he found was a shock.
When he searched Google images, he immediately found a black-and-white photograph, clicked on it and saw not only that it was a shot of the crowd that day at Phu Bai, but he is clearly visible, standing and cheering.

* Why do I find this to be funny?

* I can help... (Billy Swan. Hey, Jerry, do you and Billy know each other?)

Posted by Marie at December 27, 2014 10:08 PM