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Sunday, January 04, 2015

I just need some place


This, I think, is a new addition to Memorial Medical Center at First and Miller. I don't particularly like the steel gray glass. It is very cold, and more than likely will not stand the architectural test of time. I do like that it is mirrored glass, though. But, what I really like is the way they angled the building to catch the reflections of a couple downtown buildings. I wonder if they even realized they were doing this when they designed it. This reflection is of the Hilton Hotel (formerly Forum XXX) at Seventh and Adams, quite a distance away. I considered standing on the car to get more of the reflection, but discarded that idea.


Stained glass at the Jesus is Lord apartments. That's probably not the name, but since it's what's on the side of the building, that's what I've always called it.



Stained glass on Seventh Street.

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* Interpretation of lyrics: "The Weight" by Peter Viney* and amazing appendix. (Via, Steve, my former boss, who, thanks to Twitter (and Karoli), I was reunited with more than 30 years later. You are the coolest, man.)

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