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Friday, January 16, 2015

Music is flashin' me


More stained glass at the Jesus is Lord apartments.


Howlett Building, formerly Centennial Building, and home to the former Hall of Flags, one of my favorite places to go and just be quiet. Used to be, anyway.


Two way street, or back alley, as in the location of this sign on the way to state government.

* Be cautious of new best friends, state employees: Rauner to state employees: “I look forward to coming to see each of you in person very soon”.

* It's not just about the pay: Air Force raises monthly incentive pay for drone pilots:

"Many of our experienced operators are nearing the end of their active-duty service commitment, which means they will have a choice in the not-too-distant future to either stay with us or leave the Air Force," James said at a news conference at the Pentagon.
That's why James has signed a memo increasing the monthly flight pay for 18X RPA pilots from a maximum of $650 to $1,500 per month if they stay in the RPA community beyond their six-year commitment after completion of undergraduate RPA training, Air Force officials said.

* I don't want to see many movies, but I would like to see Match. A Moment That Ricochets for a Lifetime.

* Table for two.

* I want to take you higher.........

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