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Monday, February 09, 2015

It's a new path that we trod




* In the beginning: This just in… Rauner issues executive order allowing employees to stop paying “fair share” dues - Dues to be placed in escrow - 6500 workers impacted - Raw audio - AFSCME responds: “Blatantly illegal abuse of power” - Cullerton responds.

* Elsewhere: A Fair Day’s Wage:

It’s no secret that the years since the Great Recession have been hard on American workers. Though unemployment has finally dipped below six per cent, real wages for most have barely budged since 2007. Indeed, the whole century so far has been tough: wages haven’t grown much since 2000. So it was big news when, last month, Aetna’s C.E.O., Mark Bertolini, announced that the company’s lowest-paid workers would get a substantial raise—from twelve to sixteen dollars an hour, in some cases—as well as improved medical coverage. Bertolini didn’t stop there. He said that it was not “fair” for employees of a Fortune 50 company to be struggling to make ends meet. He explicitly linked the decision to the broader debate about inequality, mentioning that he had given copies of Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-first Century” to all his top executives. “Companies are not just money-making machines,” he told me last week. “For the good of the social order, these are the kinds of investments we should be willing to make.”

* They say low wages are a reality..... (Dylan.)

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