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Friday, February 20, 2015

Got my job


White house.




Pink. This light show goes on every night across the street from the governor's mansion.


There's a baseball diamond beyond that fence.

* Small but powerful union is at center of port dispute:

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union represents 20,000 dockworkers, a fraction of the organized ranks of teachers, truck drivers or healthcare workers. But the port workers — who still queue up at hiring halls daily for work and spend years earning full membership — stand guard over a crucial chokepoint in the global economy.

* Learning More About Longshoremen And Their Powerful Union:

GREENHOUSE: Their numbers have dwindled tremendously because of automation. You know, there are about 14,000 longshoremen on the West Coast. Even though their numbers are fewer, they're still powerful. A lot of American workers, a lot of American labor unions hate increased imports. All the computers and TVs made in China - on a certain level, they're taking away jobs from Americans even though they might make things cheaper for American consumers. But this is all good for the longshoremen because it means more trade, more imports, more jobs, greater need of people to run the cranes to take all these goods off the ships.

* Dispatch from a union town: How the ILWU created 'the American dream' in San Pedro:

Arian said the last time the union opened the rolls to new members, it got 360,000 applications. That was 10 years ago.

* Historic Pullman:

The Pullman Historic District is a unique community, built in 1880-84 as a planned model industrial town for the Pullman's Palace Car Company. Learn about the town's history, its buildings and work going on in Pullman today.

* Yesterday, President Obama went to Chicago to sign into law the Pullman National Historical Park Act. Then this happened: Rauner gets cold shoulder, pro-union rhetoric at Obama Pullman event:

During the ceremony at Brooks College Preparatory Academy, the president emphasized how much of the American labor and civil rights movements sprung from unrest that had its roots in the company town George Pullman built in the late 19th century to build luxury train sleeper cars.
“Gradually our country would add protections that we now take for granted: a 40-hour workweek, the weekend, overtime pay, safe workplace conditions and the right to organize for higher wages and better opportunities,” Obama said.

The governor should have called me before he dropped in on this event. I would have advised him to stay home. Even if you only know half an ounce of the Pullman story, you had to know this signing would be all about unions and labor. But, our governor, Bruce Rauner, showed up anyway:

Later the governor was blocked by a rope line from making his way onstage as Obama concluded his remarks and signed a proclamation creating the Pullman monument.

What did he think would happen? Did he think he would be welcomed on the stage after having spent the major part of his campaign and his time so far in office telling everyone that unions are the reason for their problems?

* Explaining Rauner’s hostiity toward unions.

Read the article and the comments, but I think I know. As I've said many times, unions are a check against big money and big money doesn't like it. Governor Bruce Rauner is nothing, if not big money. Certainly, in his world view, unions are just another obstacle (in addition to government) in the way of business and how he thinks business should be done. Life, for him and his big money constituents, would be so much better if they didn't have to deal with labor and it's demands for decent wages and safe working conditions, to name just a few things. (I'm still working on this theory. Expect more later.)

* Lookin' Into Gov. Rauner's Missing G's.

* The shit he's shoveling is bad enough, but what's worse is that so many people are buying it: How Rudy Giuliani marginalized himself.

* Someone gets it: This Marco Rubio statement on Rudy Giuliani is just about perfect.

* Very well said: Rudy Giuliani: Same old dog, same old dog whistle.

* Busting broncs for the rodeo.....

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