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Friday, March 06, 2015

The time has come


Wind out of the south.




Something's going on here besides just snow melting off a building.


Ash Street.




Wind still out of the south.

* Another excellent report from Belt Magazine, which I have now subscribed to: Michigan’s Great Leap Backward:

In the 1960s and ’70s, Michigan was governed by progressive Republicans. Gov. George Romney marched with Martin Luther King Jr. in Detroit. As Richard Nixon’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Romney suggested building public housing in the suburbs. His successor, William Milliken, supported the Equal Rights Amendment and abortion rights. So did Gerald Ford, Michigan’s only president. But it’s not their Republican Party anymore.

* The racist roots of 'right to work' laws.

* Wisconsin going 'right to work': What’s the impact for jobs and incomes?

But years of study of right-to-work laws have not pointed to any clear and sweeping effects. Some scholarly research suggests the laws enhance job growth modestly. Others see the laws hitting worker wages with a modest ding. And in other cases, researchers have squinted hard at the data without finding meaningful evidence for or against right-to-work laws.
What seems clear is that the volume and tone of the debate over right-to-work laws far outstrips actual certainty about the impact.

There have been lots of studies on right-to-work and its effect on the economy, on states, on counties, on numbers of jobs, on wages, on unions, on labor, on workers.

I would like to suggest a study be done on the wealth of industrialists, on venture capitalists, on Wall Street, on the wealth of the wealthy. When a state where the Kochs (for example) do business switches to right-to-work, how has their bottom line fared? How much better off are they? Seriously, let us study that for a change and see how much of a driving force the wealth of the wealthy is in pushing states to adopt right-to-work. Could increasing the wealth of the wealthy be the main reason for right-to-work, and everything else is just secondary bullshit? That would be some valuable information to know.

* Back to Illinois: *** UPDATED x1 - Rauner response *** Unions file suit over Rauner executive order.

* Words and photos: Grand Refugee Hotel: Syrians wait in limbo before being smuggled to Europe.

* Portrait of the Drought: Lake McClure.

* From the twitters: "When I was 16, I wrote Tom Robbins a letter asking how to be a good writer like him. Here's his reply:" (Click to read his reply.)

* Nice house: American Gothic home to open to the public.

* To part, the time for weeping. Vaya con Dios my darling...... (Freddie.)

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