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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Gotta turn it up louder




* Yesterday: Iowa 2016: Where Everybody’s A Farmer:

Rick Perry remembered watching his “wheat go to hell in a handbasket in 1978 when Jimmy Carter decided to boycott the Olympics,” for whatever that’s worth. Chris Christie mentioned that New Jersey is the Garden State, “So it’s not like I come out here not knowing any of this.” And Mike Huckabee, noting only that he's from a rural state, went whole hog, addressing something many Americans are apparently worried about despite being more than 1,100 miles from the Mexican border: Illegals eating their food.

* Northwood brothers ask for lenient sentences in crop insurance fraud case:

The case is unusual because, although there are often allegations of fraud in crop insurance, there are few criminal cases and few convictions.
The Johnsons, in separate but related cases, were convicted of conspiracy and lying to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and to law enforcement regarding an insurance fraud scheme that spanned several years. The brothers were found to have applied heat, frozen potatoes and a sewer-cleaning enzyme called Rid-X to their stored potatoes in 2006 to make them spoil, so they could be paid crop insurance indemnities.

* What About Farm Subsidy Fraud?

While the “error rate” for the U.S. Department of Agriculture food stamp program has reached a record low, the “error rate” for the crop insurance program has increased for three straight years.

* Your Own Frontline: A Navy SEAL’s Guide to Building Resilience.

* Bakke: First combat Marine in Vietnam was Springfield native.

* So my DJ told me..... (Reunion's Life is a Rock, WLS version.)

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