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Friday, March 13, 2015

You go downtown, now


Seventh Street.

* Words and photos: Starting over in Dearborn, Michigan: The Arab capital of North America.

* Steel Grit:

I had given myself extra time to find everything because the street signs were covered with an orange crust that made them unreadable. The hue perfectly matched the color of the hot molten steel that bubbled inside the open-hearth furnaces, I would learn. The guard at the entrance registered me and pointed me in the direction of the employment office. When I arrived there, Mr. Manche, a man of diminutive stature, was running around the office. “I was six inches taller when I started here,” he quipped. I filled out the application and put zero deductions. After my medical examination, I was directed to the onsite company store, where I bought steel-toed boots. An older man, wearing bulky pants with a matching green jacket, came in. He noticed me looking at his strange looking outfit.

* A couple paragraphs and a short, beautiful video (with a little shooting, hunting, killing, so, if that upsets you, don't watch it; yeah it's an 8 minute commercial for shotgun shells or some such, but whatever; love the narration; also, "dogness"): For Freedom & For Grouse:

The Nebraska Sandhills remain an anomaly, an accessible chunk of America that’s just as it was 140 years ago. It’s unbroken by the plow and undefiled by cities and trophy homes. Native grasslands sprawl for miles, providing the same habitat in which prairie chickens and sharptailed grouse have forever thrived.

* Fanged deer pops up in Afghanistan, 60 years after its last appearance.

* Photos: Fighting to Save the Icelandic Goat.

* Never Underestimate a Goat; It's Not As Stupid As It Looks.

* Man rolls in dog waste to try avoiding arrest; plan fails.

* Nice house.

* I said, buy yourself a shotgun........ (Jr. Walker.)

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