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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pride's like a knife



* Un-the-freak-real: On this day, Aaron Schock resigned his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, effective March 31, 2015.

* Timeline: Aaron Schock's no-good, very bad month.

* And then, this week, it was reported when he traded in his 2014 Chevy Tahoe, it had 80,000 miles on it. But, he had billed the federal government and his campaign for 170,000 miles. And then he resigned.

* Aaron Schock's greatest hits — on Instagram.

* SJ-R photos: Aaron Schock's career representing central Illinois.

* I once gave some free political planning to Aaron Schock. I don't think he heard me, though.

* There's a lot of skull-crushing, soul-tormenting jeering going on out there right now. A lot. My advice is to keep your head up, man, get a very good lawyer, and be quiet.

* It can cut deep inside... If I could turn back time.............. (Cher.)

Posted by Marie at March 17, 2015 9:04 PM