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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Been listening to the sirens and the radio


Spotted this projection sign on the outside wall of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. How long has it been there?


Tonight's sunset.

* 9 Things Many Americans Just Don’t Grasp (Compared to the Rest of the World). (Thanks, Marilyn.)

* Saul Bellow on writing in Chicago:

... it cost much less than $1,000 a year to be poor -- you could make it on $600 or $700. But to be poor in this way meant also to be free. We were in our early twenties, some of us were released from our families by the death of parents. Some were supposed to be university students. Stenographer sisters who should have been saving up for a trousseau were sacrificing their bank accounts for student brothers and no one was studying very much.

* Tissue packets on bench....

* He said he'd be over three hours ago. I've been waiting for his car on the hill... (Joni. Get well.)

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