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Friday, April 10, 2015

She taught me everything


Fourth Street.


Furniture. Last seen here.




I made her laugh. I love that the subject of her painting was no where that I could see. She wants to have an exhibit at the Hoogland. I hope she makes it.

* I'm interested. Earth has exceeded four of the nine limits for hospitable life, scientist claims:

Humanity has raced past four of the boundaries keeping it hospitable to life, and we're inching close to the remaining five, an Earth resilience strategist has found.
In a paper published in Science in January 2015, Johan Rockström argues that we've already screwed up with regards to climate change, extinction of species, addition of phosphorus and nitrogen to the world's ecosystems and deforestation.
We are well within the boundaries for ocean acidification and freshwater use meanwhile, but cutting it fine with regards to emission of poisonous aerosols and stratospheric ozone depletion.

* What Lies Beneath. In the 1960s, hundreds of pounds of uranium went missing in Pennsylvania. Is it buried in the ground, poisoning locals—or did Israel steal it to build the bomb?

* California’s drought and the weird warm ‘blob’ in the Pacific that may be fueling it.

* Wilmerding, Pennsylvania, in words and photos: Scenes from the Valley: When the Money Dries Up in a Company Town.

* Whenever someone mentions anything about Vicksburg, as my daughter did yesterday, my mind immediately goes to Mississippi Queen and stays there, until I hand it off, which I am doing to you, now.

* Way down around Vicksburg, around Louisiana way.... (Mississippi Queen, Mountain.) Also, I like this video, which has nothing to do with the song. Good job.

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