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Sunday, April 19, 2015

And so it begins







* I hope they save it: A Rude Awakening in Indiana's Marshmallow Country: Fate of a Historic Hoosier Synagogue is Uncertain.

* My cousin wrote this: How Samuel Mudd Went From Lincoln Conspirator to Medical Savior.

* Rarely do we get a television commercial that grabs our attention in our small midwestern, mostly mundane, cable advertising market. But sometimes we do, even if it doesn't compel us to buy the product.

* I saw this ad for Drambuie only once, very late at night, over the Christmas holiday: Found Film.

* Surprisingly, this hilarious ad for athelete's foot medication comes on at least once a night: Lotrimin.

* Predictably, someone is horrified with the Lotrimin ad: "... infecting consumers with unwanted images of male masturbation in its latest commercial."

* The twitterverse is half and half over the Lotrimin ad.

* Stumblin' in...... (Suzi Quatro.)

Posted by Marie at April 19, 2015 8:50 PM