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Monday, May 25, 2015

It took me four days





Spotted this Vette at the war memorials this afternoon.

* Words and photos: Blanco River flooding:

Central Texans have been watching and hoping for a “rain bomb” to thoroughly extinguish a years-long drought and replenish dangerously low reservoirs. A former governor even suggested that Texans pray for such relief.
Overnight Saturday, that big rain came, dumping up to a foot of rain over a large expanse of the Hill County, Austin and points to the east. The rainfall sparked a rapid rise in storage lakes throughout the area, but the storm exacted a steep price.

* A long, but excellent article on Tamms the town, and Tamms the former prison, and life built on a prison economy: Tamms: Forgotten.

* "Chicago Cop: Tales From the Street" - Chapter 3: "The Academy" - Part 1 (Class 86-8A).

* To hitch-hike from Saginaw. I’ve come to look for America.............. (Bowie version of Paul Simon's America.)

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