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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Waiting on the Double E


Third and Washington -- gone. Last seen and discussed back in January.


American Motors Ambassador. (1966, based on the license plate.)

* An Honest Evaluation of the War on Terror.

* Dominic Tierney: Forgetting Afghanistan:

It seems as if Americans have signed onto a pact of forgetting: a collective effort to expunge all memory of the war in Afghanistan.
Afghanistan was once the good war. Seeking righteous vengeance for 9/11, nearly 90 percent of the American public initially backed a crusade to topple the Taliban regime in Kabul and purge the country of al-Qaeda. For years, Barack Obama described Afghanistan as the center of gravity in the struggle against international terrorism. In 2009, Obama surged U.S. forces in Afghanistan to nearly 100,000 troops. With money no object, U.S. officials tried to win over Afghans through initiatives like an Afghan version of Sesame Street called Sesame Garden (unfortunately, the Count character had to be cut because Afghan kids weren’t familiar with Dracula and were confused by his fangs).
And then the good war turned bad. Obama became disillusioned with the lack of progress in Afghanistan and looked for the quickest possible exit. By 2011, then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates had concluded that for Obama, “it’s all about getting out.” The president’s exhaustion mirrored the national mood. After a decade and a half of conflict, the public has moved beyond war weariness into a kind of numbing amnesia.

But, we don't stop talking about it. Not us.

* Obama denied the respect he deserves.

* MineWar: Intersecting Discourses: The FSA Photography of Arthur Rothstein In Herrin, Illinois.

* Minnesota: In farm country, tainted water is 'just the way it is'.

* Busy summer for demolition projects in Springfield.

* But the train don't run by here no more. Poor, poor pitiful me...... (Linda.)

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