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Technique - Move over, secret diaries, and welcome online journals-with completely public access
Blah, Blah, Blah and Blog
Microcontent News, a Corante.com Microblog
movabletype.org news
Metafilter Community Weblog
Shinkansen [an online journal]
Goatee Style - home
Gerik Parmele Photojournalist
[ r o z z i l a n d . c o m ] - iwichhn
I Want a New Girlfriend
Captivated Chronicles from the Fringe
bloodyspew.com [MEGALOMART]
{fray} tell your stories
TopWriteCorner.com - Promoting Web Literature
The Dark Side
h e l l o
e m b e r . o r g
BlueRobot - There's nothing wrong with gray.
bareSquare. content.
gerald stanley . ROOT
www.AndrewSullivan.com - Daily Dish
Greasy Skillet Simple Thoughts from a fragile mind . . .
File Under Fire
surreally dot com has a few bin laden jokes, funny pictures, and taliban singles online... daisy cutters optional
waferbaby we eat bandwidth for breakfast
The Soul of the Web
.. The Mighty Geek ..
BlueChemical.com - Go write some Haiku today
Billegible - I could give a rat's ass
Coyote Howling
black, white and every gray in between
Internet Brothers
My blog, my self - Tech News - CNET.com
Online Community Report
The Guardian UK's site
Dan Gillmor's site 
Andrew Sullivan
Scripting News
Doc Searls
Cluetrain Manifesto
Jim Romenesko's MediaNews
Forum Luke Seemann {05.08.98}
The Doc Searls Weblog Tuesday, April 30, 2002
MuseUnlimited Jason Thompson's Home on the Net
movabletype.org download
brad lauster (dot com) - thoughts on Experience, Interaction and Product Design
Information architecture, usability and interaction design issues, plus the odd thought
BeatnikPad Albert Einstein's Technicolour Dreamcoat
What She Really Thinks
[ B l o g T h o u g h t press pause ]
Kempa.com - Last but not least
Random Isht
avocadolite.com - expiration date
[jb] jim brayton
Navi Fire
Reflections - Current
Oliver Willis Me vs. The World - So Far I'm Winning
Blog 1.5 Witold Riedel NYC
Cornfield Commentary
portiastar and now for something completely different...
Croc o' Lyle - Usability, Information Architecture and web design commentary by Lyle Kantrovich